2019 Bruges-De Panne Route Analysis: a resistance test for fast wheels | SpazioCiclismo

2019 Bruges-De Panne Route Analysis: a resistance test for fast wheels | SpazioCiclismo

For the second consecutive year, that was the Three Days of La panne, which takes place on a single day. Named & nbsp; Bruges-De Panne 2019, this year's race was promoted at WorldTour level and offers a course with few changes compared to the previous edition. The riders will have to face just over 200 kilometers with as many as five walls and six sectors of pavé for a total of 7100 meters that will make the specialists happy. However, there will be no key passages during the final circuit of 24.95 kilometers, to be faced twice, which should favor the reunification of a group put to the test anyway during the previous kilometers.

The start of the race will be given by Bruges and we will have to wait for kilometer 24 for the first paved section of Ichtegem (1000 m), which will be followed by those of Werken (2100 m at km 37.7) and Boezinge (1200 m at km 58). The difficulty rate will increase further to 84.3 km, when the first wall will be tackled, the Monteberg, which will be followed closely by Kemmelberg (400 m at km 85.3, the only one in pavè).

After eight kilometers the sequence of walls represented by & nbsp; Rodeberg, from the & nbsp; Vidaigneberg & nbsp; and from the & nbsp; Sulferberg, this last place when at the finish line will still miss 102 kilometers will be tackled. There will then be still space for the last two sectors of pavé, & nbsp; Leisele-Alveringem (1300 m) and & nbsp; Izenberge-Alveringem (400 m), placed respectively at 71.5 and 67.2 kilometers from the finish line.

In the last 57 kilometers you will then enter the final circuit, with a brief taste of the final before passing the finish line for the first time. Two complete circuit laps will then be covered, from 24.95 kilometers each, crossing Koksijde, Adinkerke and Veurne before ending at De Panne.

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