A day in the historical city of Bruges

A day in the historical city of Bruges

Brugge, the official language of Dutch, located in the Flemish region of Belgium, fascinates its visitors with its chocolates, bridges, medieval stone, tile houses and the canals that suddenly appear when you walk on the streets. The city, which resembles a tiny fairy-tale town, provides a calm and peaceful life for those who come to the city without a tiring journey. Brugge, known as the Venedik Venice of the North,, offers a holiday opportunity that you will not regret if you go with its museums and parks with all-season views. If you're looking for a place to visit in the Middle Ages, Brugge is the place to go.

One of the things you shouldn't have to do without "Venice of the North" in Brugge is to go on a boat trip on the canal. Because Venice is not so crowded, you can make a more calm and peaceful boat ride between the stone houses and you will not have to wait in long queues. In fact, the canal roads, which were built in order to make trade easier in the city, which was the focal point of trade in the Dutch merchant in ancient times, are now the most popular touristic activities. The canals are not only for touristic purposes, but also an alternative way of providing daily transportation for the people of Brugge.

Brugge canals give you the chance to see the city's highlights from different angles. During the canal tour, you will be accompanied by the view of St. Boniface Bridge, one of the most important bridges of the city, and Minnewater, where the ducks enjoy.

The central and main square of Bruges is the Grote Markt, which features classical European architecture, towers and sculptures of important historical figures. There are many shops where you can buy a souvenir of Brugge as you can find a restaurant that suits your taste in terms of eating and drinking. You can enjoy your coffee with the sounds of horse carriages and the visual feast of colorful tiled houses with your famous Belgian chocolate.

St. John's Hospital, one of the oldest hospitals in Europe, is among the darkest and mysterious buildings in the world. Although there is not a proven fact in the hospital that has many legends, some people prefer to believe them. Almost perfectly preserved, the hospital sheds light on the treatment methods of medieval hospitals. At St. John's Hospital, you can also see the old patient records, the medical equipment of the period, and the hospital museum, where you can also find works in the famous Flemish Hans Memling. & Nbsp;

When you meet the bell tower of Brugge with its gothic architecture, you will be isolated from your surroundings and travel to the Middle Ages. One of the most important symbols of Brugge Tower, you can watch the city from the hill 360 degrees from the viewing terrace. But those who want to enjoy this cruise should take the 366 steps. Because of its narrow terrace, you can see the giant clock inside the Bell Tower, where only 70 people can go out at the same time, or you can witness 47 bells ringing on Wednesday or weekend.

Minnewater Park, also known as Love Lake, is one of the important stops of boat tours on the canals of Brugge, with its romantic atmosphere close to the city center. You can have fun with ducks and swans in the park, which has become a popular destination for everyone with music festivals organized every summer. In the park where you will have the opportunity to stay alone with nature, you can go up to the tower and observe the whole park or take amazing photos on the bridge. & Nbsp;

One of the oldest settlements in Brugge is one of the must-see places in Brugge with the best examples of the Renaissance period, such as Burg Square, the glamorous Town Hall, the Palace of Justice. It is very easy to reach all the tourist spots from the square, which can be accepted as the administrative center of the city.

Again in Brugge, there is a work with the gothic and romanesque architectural features of medieval Europe. St. Salvator Cathedral, the city's oldest religious structure, huge tower, domes and the artwork in it is one of the routes you will not regret visiting Brugge. The cathedral used by the French administration, the least damaged structure of the city for centuries and the carpets of the cathedral, the same carpets have been used since 1731.

Brugge, where the cold winters of Europe are experienced, also has rainy summers. In June, July and August, the city hosts major festivals. If you want to experience special moments while visiting both the historical and natural beauties of Brugge, it is appropriate to visit during these festival months.

We don't even need to say that you should eat Belgian chocolate which has been accepted to the whole world while you are in Brugge, maybe the chocolate you will taste first as soon as you arrive in the city. There are many restaurants waiting for you in the streets of this city that smells of chocolate. & Nbsp;

Moules Frites, one of the most popular flavors of Bruges, is the famous mussel dish of Belgium and France. The food, usually served with French fries, will be a nice alternative for seafood lovers. For travelers who say that seafood is not suitable for my taste, in Brugge, soft beef blended with thyme and onions is among the recommended dishes.

Although there are many waffle shops in our country, you should not go back without trying the most beautiful waffle desserts in the world in Brugge, which is famous for its chocolate. & Nbsp;

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