A weekend in Bruges! - Gizem Telci

A weekend in Bruges! - Gizem Telci

Nice to go on vacation, but hard to get back. For this reason, plenty of eating, drinking, entertaining a few days ago after a holiday, or I write to you with your dreams. It is always good to pour into words without delay, while the delicacies and places of interest are fresh in memory.

Let's start with chocolate ... As you know, Belgium is famous for its chocolate and beer. Famous for its unspoiled architecture from Belgium's Middle Ages to the present day, Bruges is perfect for a unique chocolate experience.

Because the city itself is like a carefully prepared chocolate package! The two-storey houses with original architecture, the church bell that rings every hour, the nostalgic phaetons in the square, the handmade toy shops, the chocolatiers, and of course the atmosphere of everything can be so neat and aesthetic. brings to mind.

You can find high quality chocolate all over Belgium. But what's special about Bruges is the tiny chocolate shops that produce boutique boutiques designed to match the city's texture. So actually we girls leave the power of work and I will open a small cake shop, the dream version of the dream come true ...

They have very tasty chip chocolate cookies and homemade hazelnut kernels. As everywhere, you can find a variety of chocolates here, but I'd say try the homemade hazelnut butter and peanut butter products sold in jars. 3.95 euros in a jar. So an affordable price compared to the average in Bruges. Address: Wollestraat 31 a, 8000 Bruges

The special feature of this place is that the chocolates, each of which has a different content, are named as no.1, no.2, no.3 and all are separated by different colored boxes. Ex. no.5 sour cherry lemon, no.7 raspberry, no.14 sour cherry, cinnamon like ... In addition, chocolate chips sold in transparent packages the consistency of chocolate chips is quite delicious. I recommend you to try it especially if you like bitter. Address: Sint-Amandsstraat 39, 8000 Bruges

This is a colorful shop with all kinds of candy, chocolate and biscuits. I strongly recommend that you visit and see, especially the taste of biscuits. In nostalgic tin cans, you can fill as much biscuits as you want and make packages. Address: Breidelstraat 10, 8000 Bruges

This shop on the same street as La Cure Gourmande. Like all of them, this place makes great chocolates. I would even say the best among them. Especially the truffles are very tasty. Address: Breidelstraat 14, 8000 Bruges

You can also find these chocolate makers (except Juliette's) in Brussels. Almost all of them are famous in Belgium, so you can find them in a few cities. By the way, many shops in Bruges are closed on Sundays. To visit the shops, you should choose weekdays or Saturdays.

There's a beer museum in Bruges. Here you can find out the history of beer in Belgium and the stages through which it has survived. The fun part of the museum is the bar downstairs. After visiting the exhibition, you can buy three beers included in your ticket money and try them here. The bartender also gives you detailed information about the content and composition of the beer.

Among the things I've tried, Rosso, also called "girl beer", was the most lingering taste in my mind. Rosso, a kind of sweet and fruity beer, may be suitable for those who don't like very harsh flavors. You can also taste Zot, Chimay and Kwak, Belgium's most famous beers.

One of the issues that we are most uncertain about is the choice of restaurant, which is one of the most popular ones abroad. We Turks can not always be very open to taste different tastes, we are always looking for the recipe of our mother for some reason in the places we go. We acted with a similar concern and first threw ourselves in a fast food restaurant called Quick in Bruges. Contrary to its name, I do not recommend you to go to this place that serves very slowly ... But then when we started to explore a little, we threw ourselves into very nice restaurants.

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