Bruges also wants less tourists

Bruges also wants less tourists

Appointed in October, the mayor of scenic Bruges (or Bruges), Dirk De fauw, last week outlined steps to reduce the influx of tourists to the Belgian city of northern Venice, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000.

On the one hand, the municipality will not spend any more on ads promoting day-long sightseeing tours, and will allow only two tourist boats per day instead of five in the nearby & nbsp; Zeebrugge harbor, while shipping companies will be advised not to visit on weekdays on weekends, which will also reduce weight. & nbsp;

The mayor of the city said they had to move, or the old town would turn into a complete Disneyland. Bruges was visited by 8.3 million people last year, a 28 percent increase over the past two years. However, out of this more than 8 million visitors, only 2.5 million people spent the night in the city, usually only for daytime walks and sightseeing. And the city administration was satisfied that many of them were coming on large cruise ships, spending a few hours in the city and going on. & Nbsp;

Of course, many of the local merchants are not happy with the planned changes, as they are also a source of revenue for tourists arriving for a few hours. & Nbsp;

In the city, the construction of new hotels in the city center was restricted as early as 1996 and then in 2002, and now it is planned to be extended to the suburbs, as the mayor said the city, with only 118,000 inhabitants, they are being displaced. & nbsp;

Therefore, the goal now is to bring fewer but more time-consuming tourists to the city instead of the day-to-day hordes of tourists. In his opinion, most tourists coming to the city do not have the time to drink a beer or a tea on the terrace, and after a few hours of quick walks, they are shipped back to the bus. & Nbsp;

What's more, the short-lived tourists have also transformed their shops, with only beer and chocolate and souvenir shops downtown, so the locals can't find a good butcher or a bakery, and they don't even know their city. & Nbsp;

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