Champions League Brugge surprises Real with dirty sheets The Daily

 Champions League Brugge surprises Real with dirty sheets The Daily

Real Madrid was disillusioned this Tuesday evening against Bruges (Photo: AFP). Real Madrid have been hooked by the Belgian club at the Bernabeu stadium and are watching PSG spin, in group A. In the shock of the evening, Bayern outclassed Tottenham.

Zinedine Zidane and his players came close to 0 of 6! Led 2-0 at the end of the first period with two gags with a striker (the Nigerian Emmanuel Dennis) who either completely missed his control and scored a bit unwittingly (0-1, 9th) or failed to fall in mishandling his ball before miraculously poking the leather above Courtois, following a loss of full-axis ball from Modric (0-2, 3-9th).

In a second half-way, one way, it was still necessary that Areola, entered in the goal in place of his Belgian teammate, sort of the big game to annihilate a ball of 0-3 before Sergio Ramos only reduced the lead score in a position that was more offside than the lawful position (1-2, 55th). Put under pressure, Bruges held up to a free kick at 35 meters and a raging head in the skylight of Casemiro (2-2, 85th), while their host had just found themselves at ten. However, the Merengues still almost lost everything when they forgot, full axis, on a free kick, Siebe Schrijvers, former teammate of Laurent Jans in Beveren barely entered, who sends his half-volley next when he is alone to the six meters.

Real Madrid still lost ground in the operation. Already beaten dryly by Paris Saint-Germain (3-0) on the 1st day, he watched it a little later in the evening s impose on the side of Turkey, against Galatasaray, in a warm atmosphere and thanks to the first goal of Mauro Icardi for his new colors. At the start of the second half, the Argentine striker scored the only goal of the game.

Finally, in the big shock of the evening, the vice-champion of Europe, Tottenham, opened the scoring against Bayern with a low cross shot from Son (1-0, 12th) after a big loss of Tolisso ball, full axis. But he was quickly taken up, overtaken and then outclassed, when he missed a lot of small opportunities.

Caught in lack of realism, he watched Kimmich find a superb angle of strike (1-1, 15th) then Lewandowski score in pivot just before returning to the locker room (1-2, 45th). Then came the Gnabry show, author of two goals in two minutes (53rd and 55th). With their 60% possession of the ball, the Munich had something to see even after the penalty from Kane (2-4, 61st). Gnabry will also add a third to the 83rd, against and very lively (2-5) before Lewandowski toppled this match in a real correction on a divine counter in one touch (2-6, 88th), then that Gnabry, in power mode 4 does not raise him to the rank of humiliation (2-7, 88th) of a shot at the entrance to the surface. A hierarchy has emerged, in group B.

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