City of Bruges wants to reduce the number of tourists

City of Bruges wants to reduce the number of tourists

According to Belgium's Flemish Het Laatste Nieuws news site, Bruges Mayor Dirk De Fauw said that the number of tourists visiting the city is about 3 times the number of residents, and that the number of visitors should be limited due to difficulties.

De Fauw said that instead of daily tourists, hotel capacity in the city should be encouraged and the konak mass of visitors "should be encouraged in order to generate income. In this context, it was decided to terminate advertising and promotion campaigns for daily trips.

De Fauw also imposed a limitation on the number of cruise ships that docked in the ports close to Bruges, demanding that these ships dock on weekdays instead of the city's busiest weekend.

On the other hand, the people of Bruges also complain that there are only tourist shops in the city center. People who have difficulty in meeting their daily needs state that the city center is seized by touristic shops.

The small historic city, which is also on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, visited about 8.3 million people last year. The daily number of visitors to the city is thought to be around 50 to 60 thousand.

Hundreds of people came together on Barcelonata Beach in 2017, where tourism activities deported local people from their neighborhoods, tourists slept on the beach or on the streets, shouting, threatening the inhabitants of the neighborhood, walking around the streets inappropriately.

On the other hand, in the Italian capital of Rome, one of the most popular tourist cities in the world, the municipality decided to ban tourist buses from entering the city center.

Rome also introduced stringent measures against improper behavior of tourists with new rules, ranging from junk food to topless sunbathing in public places.

Amsterdam, the tourist city of the Netherlands, has decided to remove the letter "I am Amsterdam" (I Amsterdam), which is in high demand for photographing in the city center.

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