CLUB: Marseille Auxiliary of the American Legion

CLUB: Marseille Auxiliary of the American Legion

A graduate student from the Marseille American Legion gathered at 7pm. Tuesday, Oct. 8, in the Legion Hall. President Nancy Seaborn opened the meeting by tapping three times and introducing the colors. In the absence of Kaplan Ruth Close, Nancy leads the group at the Lord's Prayer. MEPs stood silent for veterans and talked about the promise and preamble to the Constitution.

Secretary Jerri Brown took the floor, read the minutes of September and presented the poppy section. The financial statement was presented by Treasurer Jill Mooneyham. President Nancy introduced and welcomed the new transfer member, Sharon Bredahl. District 12 President Melinda Davis joined the auxiliary meeting and received a donation to the District 12 Contribution Fund. District 12 will hold a meeting on October 13. Jerri gave an overview of the September VA visit to the West. Everyone liked the cowboys, the natives, and the sunflower and food. The October 30th visit will feature Halloween-themed ghost and pumpkin decorations and sweets.

President Nancy presented the kitchen report in the absence of Pauline Cashman. He thanked everyone for taking part in the dinner on October 12th. A roast beef dinner will be held at the Marseille Rotary Club on November 9 in favor of a scholarship fund. Audiences are invited to attend with tickets for $ 12 for adults and $ 6 for children 12 and under. Lottery baskets and 50/50 drawings are provided. Events are possible and tickets can be purchased from Rotary members or at the door.

Extra services will once again contribute to the Marseille store's police program. Kitchen director Vickie Finan and Lee Budde have graduated from the National Cooking Class and are taking an allergen class online. The kitchen of the Legion Hall has once again passed the National Audit Office.

Vickie announced the October dinner. You will need help preparing the food for the rest of the week. The raffle baskets will be put together at 9am on Thursday and the decoration of the hall will begin on Saturday at 9am with red table covers and autumn flower arrangements. President Nancy asked the group to help organize bingo on Friday nights. There is a need for staff, desserts and baked goods. The door controls are installed on the toilet doors.

District 12 president Melinda spoke of the assistant governor's 100th anniversary and a new Legion pin designed as a grandfather's watch. Melinda's special project this year will be Fisher House, which will help veteran and military families stay overnight. He announced that the Constitution and the Statute would be amended by making the word "wife" a spouse.

In Kaplan Ruth's absence, Melinda read the group in the closing prayer. The next auxiliary meeting will be held on November 12 at 6 pm. and a meeting starting at 7 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to attend. & nbsp;

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