Football / Juniors: Two Baccarat players at FC Bruges

Football / Juniors: Two Baccarat players at FC Bruges

Trained at AS Football Kyds Bacău, Cristian Mindirigiu and Octavian Gava were legitimized this summer at the Belgian group founded 128 years ago. The two midfielders aged 17 will play for the U18 team of "black-blue"

Bacau continues to provide soccer players for export. On his own and in his figure. The last two names are those of Cristian Mindirigiu and Octavian Gava, players raised at AS Football Kyds Bacău. The two midfielders will turn 17 next month. Age they will celebrate in northern Belgium. In Bruges, their new home. And FC Bruges, their new team. "They have an important chance, which they must take advantage of. Belgium and FC Bruges represent the right environment for their football accession, "said Codrin Mindirigiu, who laughs with one eye, but cries with the other:" It's always hard to break away from your players. Especially when one of them is your son. But, at the risk of repeating myself, it is a pity not to take such an opportunity. In addition, I feel fulfilled as a coach and I hope that, sooner or later, other players from Kyds will be able to follow in their footsteps. ”

Cristian Mindirigiu and Octavian Gava arrived at FC Bruges two weeks ago, but discussions about their transfer started in winter, through an impresario. It was decided that the two would finish the first year of school, Cristian being a student at the Technical College of Communications "NV Karpen", and Octav at the Pedagogical CN "Stefan cel Mare". In early July, Cristian and Octav were called to Bruges for game tests, and their footballing qualities convinced the leaders of the "black-blue" group. However, the legitimation occurred only after going through a whole process of verification and analysis that included, among other things, intelligence tests and a thorough medical scan. Basically, you go into the medical office to find out if you are eligible to play for FC Bruges' juniors, and when you get out of there you know for sure whether you can reach the Moon or not.

Although they have been in Belgium for a short time, Cristian Minidirigiu and Octavian Gava have already joined Bruges. They will evolve into an older group one year old, under the command of Maarten Martens, the manager of the Under 18 team at FC Bruges Academy. In addition to training with the team, the two Baccaratists will also prepare individually. In fact, both made subscriptions to a local gym. In Bruges, the two football players trained at AS Football Kyds Bacau will also continue their schooling, being enrolled in a teaching unit with English teaching. The school year will begin on September 1, and among the students there are other foreign footballers who play at FC Bruges. Including another Romanian, coming from Transylvania Cluj. It is worth noting that the "black-blue" officials also focus on school preparation, not just football.

"I am convinced that both will face this football challenge well. Cristian and Octav are two brain children, well trained footballers. They are hardworking, responsive, have technical quality and know the game. Moreover, and the game tests they gave in Bruges, the level seemed normal, accessible. There was nothing "wow", called the presentation made by the former coach of the two, Codrin Mindirigiu, who also knows which chapter needs improvement: "The mentality. Those from there have a different mentality, but I trust that both Cristian and Octav will pull hard in this direction as well. In fact, they are very motivated, knowing that work and seriousness can make them perform from a football point of view ”.

Cristian Mindirigiu is the grandson of the former journalist of "Desteparea" daily, Dan Mindirigiu, who disappeared from us this spring. “I would have been glad to see my grandfather playing for a renowned team like FC Bruges. In fact, I am convinced that he continues to watch over me from above, ”confessed Cristian.

FC Bruges (Club Brugge in Flemish) is one of the most important football clubs in Belgium. Founded on November 13, 1891, the group won 15 champion titles, being defeated in this chapter only by Anderlecht. Instead, he holds the European record for consecutive participations in the Europa League (20 seasons) and, at the same time, is the only Belgian team that reached both the Champions Cup final (1978) and the Uefa Cup (1976), both lost to FC Liverpool. Over the years, Bruges has played, among others, the Dutchman Rob Rensenbrink, the Croatian Ivan Perisic, the Nigerian Daniel Amokachi and the Danish Kenneth Brylle. But the local idol is undoubtedly the former Belgian international Jan Ceulemans, who, between 1978 and 1992, played 405 matches for FC Bruges. In Bruges also played the Romanian Alin Stoica: 54 matches and seven goals for the son of the former captain of the Star, Tudorel Stoica.

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