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meta name description content Planning a visit to Marseille Stay at the Mama Shelter hip hotel, buy a 48-hour City Pass and try a traditional fish stew in the city, suggests Daily Mail Tom Chesshyre.

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A cruise to the "end of the world" that is so amazing that it can even silence three teenagers Advertising The armchair traveler introduces how to explore the world from home: Kirsten Du allows you to see European sights and create a luxury spa British bucket (storm cooking in Japan: Baker Paul Hollywood heads east - and swallows doubts about Britain's best cuisine: explore the Llyn Peninsula, a classic Celtic culture on the corner of the coast in a mysterious crater in Siberia that is five miles wide, 2,000 feet high and contains so many precious metals, known as the “mountain of treasures.” Advertising Live in the wild: After weeks at home chilled, why not revive the mood during one of these exciting breaks BBC travel presenter Simon Reeve warns that ambush has made animals vulnerable to poachers - even in parks and farms. 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Thanks to the extraordinary new drone materials, the new flight also offers a fancy flight from the comfort of your home in parts never seen before. Advertisement Forever beautiful aerial photographs and drone material of Sydney's iconic beaches that appear pristine and untouched during the coronavirus lock. Britain's largest airlines and tour operators are breaking the law by postponing refunds for canceled holidays, mediates Which? Does THIS look like a flying economy class after the coronavirus crisis? Behind the new cabins are cabins where passengers are sheltered from screens to help prevent further outbreaks Escape from a drowning car, break into a hotel room intrusively and land on a falling waterfall: Exciting new Lonely Planet infographic book shows you how to do everything Octopussy's fascinating story, "a superyacht that could not be built": How engineers built a 50-knot barrier in the 1980s and made the world's fastest luxury boat Ornate basilicas and even cave pellets glass HIGH HEIGHTS Shoes: Incredible pictures of the world's most jaw-dropping churches, from Hawaii to Taiwan via England, we dream of! ”How many jet-flying stars tell us where in the world they want to go when it all comes through:“ I was lost in the world - but brilliant modern ways ”: a person who gave up to the West to live with a tribe f or THREE YEARS of hunger took money (and was glad to pack antibiotics) Have you finished the puzzle? Now see where they created it: In the ancient city of Ravensburg - the capital of European puzzles - if I could be anywhere right away ... Choosing from all over the world, five writers show the dream places they want to return to when the closure ends Can I get my money back, if I cancel my holiday in Spain due to a coronavirus in June, and is it true that easyJet may soon be flying again? The holiday mix answers the passenger's questions on the city saxophone! New Orleans is ready to party like never before at next year's Mardi Gras - do jazz and start planning for an armchair traveler: Book a fancy flight - captivating readings, plus TV and radio to keep wanderus alive. Mesmerizing photographs show the brilliance of vehicles abandoned by nature and turned into horrible objects in strange and isolated parts of Europe and America. Jellyfish in the size of trash lids and swimming in the territory of a tiger shark - at night: A scary marine biologist who travels to the farthest places to explore amazing creatures. History: Haunted images show some of the 6,000 shipwrecks located in the Great Lakes State of North America. Partial building, part of a sculpture: an incredible hotel that took the artist 36 YEARS OF HAND (with the help of a few fishermen) far to the rock Enchanting forests, dramatic waves and magical islands: enchanting winning work and shortlisted images Run safely in Italy during a coronavir pandemic - thanks to a 6.5-foot-high plexiglass box, Emirates launches first pre-boarding coronavirus test on flyers, results available in just 10 MINUTES Now you see it. Insidiously disguised superyacht 'Hide' with reflective materials that reflect the sea For your next isolation, try an affordable paradise: Fiji's private island resort, which costs just 20 nights and offers hours of shattering on an island that has disappeared in shark-infested waters off the coast of North Carolina, is BACK - to the delight of the locals. Image: Alaska's 33-tree cliff, "America's smallest national forest" with the earth on the ground, hopes the future traveler in a fun video of a business class cockpit - using a tablet and washing machine - Belgium's delicate gem charm: how to spend 48 hours in Ghent From atomic bombs to Britain's 10 magical to the museum: revealing many of the historic paradises and ideal places to stay near them - the English Riviera to the Scottish Highlands - describe five travel writers around Britain where they are desperate. go back as they share their ... lock day dreams exclusive to Sunday magazine Mail readers: explore the TV show with Adam Henson in the Cotswolds - dine on BBC Countryfile farm star and watch six fantastic gardens. Join the Culture Club from the comfort of your own home: Six simple tips for learning a new language Stormy sight: An incredible 1,200-foot-long needle-shaped cliff rising from Mao's infected jungle on Lost World Island. The locks are locked - but our channels are once again alive the crisis is over. Here you will find a boat guide to the most beautiful landscapes in our country with the help of Jennie Bond. Confused about what airlines actually do during a coronavirus crisis? We offer you ... talking on a plane How to get a refund for a short trip due to a coronavirus and advice on a future Alpine walk: Holiday Guru solves traveler questions: 'LA bed in Beverly Wilshire is LA's most enjoyable': singer and UK Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon recalls his travel adventures in Africa's rich mystery: Have you never heard of Sao Tome and Principe? That's the idea - but these far-flung tropical islands offer real joy to body and soul Loyalty goes a long way: A cruise is ready to bounce back - Taxidermy wolf rugs, 18th century medical supplies - and real human bones: Haunted images of horribly abandoned medical surgery in Northern Virginia Sticking through a stained glass window that could turn an airplane cabin into a dazzling place of worship revealed: Over 80% of Britons believe but only 60% of Americans agree to find the magician 's secrets, meditate with the Hamish sheep and meet the Chernobyl dogs: Airbnb offers lock - friendly virtual experiences. The world's most Instagram-free hotel was voted Nizuc Resort: A stunning $ 50 million vineyard hotel gets Australian accommodation at the Sydney Opera House. A hotel where you can listen to secret recordings of secret agents, the largest cave city in the world - and the bear prosciutto: Discovering why Slovenia is a truly unique destination, mysteriously surrounded and almost completely covered by a glacier, could this be the ultimate coronavir hidden place? Welcome to the world's farthest island, 1600 miles from the most populated land of Etihad, to use sample surveillance technology installed at airport self-service points that can detect passengers with coronavirus. Changing holiday refund rules or travel agencies will collapse and taxpayers will be left with billions of pounds, the government warned. The world's tallest viaduct, rock-carved line and armchair wagons: Incredible images show the world's most jaw-ridden railways from Alaska to Wales Peru's spring sun trips in the sun may stay on the agenda - but skiers can still post all-face self-paced thanks to a fun Instagram filter flights and holidays until mid-June, as shown by coronavir travel restrictions. there are no signs of relief inside the amazing eco-hotel made of CORK - which is waterproof, fireproof and helps maintain a constant temperature in the building inside a huge volcanic cave of 330 plant lengths, dampened by lush vegetation and with an underground lake. The digital wizard restores some of Europe's most stunning castles to their former glory, from a mystical Irish mansion to Vlad Impaler's home in Romania. The British are advised to refuse unnecessary foreign travel "INDEPENDENTLY", but which one? warns that this is confusing and could leave holidaymakers out of pocket. The nozzles may be down - but your flight miles may still be floating (and you won't even have to leave home). Here's something to look forward to ... a purchase offer for a cruise vacation trip for this year or next year A truly stylish holiday of arts and crafts: our guide to discovering a world of natural beauty and great craftsmanship. Exclusive for Sunday Reading Mail: Watch the Northerners with Carol Kirkwood - join the popular weather forecast in search of the magical aurora borealis. Armchair Traveler: Seeing the Looks of Large Blind People and Exploring the Amalfi Coast with Pierce Brosnan - How to Explore Norfolk at Home Slowly by Boat: 40-Hand Crafts Guided and Fully Enjoyed as You Watch the World Walk Within a 6-Hour Radius What's Your Favorite? Nasa is organizing a world-class photo contest with amazing images of Earth made from space. Nobody's going anywhere right now, so we all have enough time to come up with one such magical plan ... lifelong trips You can go so far from your couch! Books, TV, radio and virtual tours help keep your passion for travel alive Wheel-y impressive! In the world's largest bicycle garage - a large three-storey underground facility with parking spaces for 12,500 bicycles and 1,200 meters wide tracks "I spent a week on my honeymoon on a cruise ship and it was a nightmare": TV presenter Gino D 'Acampo recalls his best and worst case Put yourself in the glory of Lewis and Harris Island - the most delicious place on the planet. Do you think you can win Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020? These amazing entries show how intense the competition is, from the slaughterhouse to the giant knitting machine - an exciting new photography book that seeks beauty in unexpected places. Remarkable flight surveillance images show how the skies over Europe, America and Australia have blown Over the past month, the British have revealed the 50 best things that make them proud to be British with NHS No1, followed by fish and chips, a full English breakfast - and the Queen: a spectacular new five-star hotel "floating" from the foundations found above fascinating ancient ruins, including the largest single-story mosaic ever discovered. Height Club: Incredible images show the mighty Mount Thor with the world's largest vertical drop of 4,100 feet (three empire state building from end to end) Brrr-illiant! The insane winners of the 2020 Hair Freezing Competition have been announced - so which one is YOUR favorite revealed: Highlands of Scotland is a list of so-called heaps of UK destinations that Britons want to visit after the coronavir crisis Nearly half of major insurers have travel insurance products sold for coronavir due to the crisis, mediates Which? From the seahorse-shaped iceberg in Greenland to the incredible cliffs in the Faroe Islands, the fabulous photographer has incredible pictures of the Nordic islands taken over 14 years by British travelers demanding a holiday in Spain, looking for departure dates in January 2021 to 1,626% built great mini-gardens. Remarkable photos depict cabbage fields resembling the frightening faces of foreigners with spawning grounds - The Chinese Architectural Revolution: A stunning coffee table shows how the world's best designers have turned the country's urban areas into different cityscape Yew retreats to World Cup widows Outer Hebrides boasts stunning airport approach, Lewis Hamilton celebrates Top Gear festival Thailand loses 1.6 billion in tourism revenue 14% of Britons abroad use the bombing of Egypt to speak local dialects Air new business class flights. 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