Ivan De Witte hopes not to return from Bruges empty-handed: "They are slightly above the competition in JPL" - All football | Walfoot.be

Ivan De Witte hopes not to return from Bruges empty-handed: They are slightly above the competition in JPL - All football | Walfoot.be IVAN DE WITTE HOPES NOT TO RETURN FROM BRUGES EMPTY HANDS: "THEY ARE SLIGHTLY ABOVE THE JPL COMPETITION"

Between Oleksandria and Bruges, the president of La Gantoise would have hoped for three points in Ukraine, but will be satisfied with one point in Bruges this Sunday ... if not more.

Ivan De Witte spoke in Het Laatste Nieuws about Sunday's clash between his Buffalos and FC Brugge: "The nice poster for Sunday's game should be enough to motivate the players. We will do everything to get a result, but when I compare the match from Brugge to Madrid with ours in Ukraine, I think it's going to be difficult. "

The president appreciates the Club's performance in LoC, enough to make Belgium shine on the world of football: "We can only be delighted that a Belgian club achieves such a performance at Real Madrid. The perception of Belgian football will change Today, Belgian clubs are achieving better results in Europe and showing more ambition. "

A nice meeting in perspective: "Sunday, we will have to play very concentrated, efficient and very organized because the Brugge that I have seen for a while is a team a little above the lot in our championship."

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