Join the culinary Backstreet

Join the culinary Backstreet

NAPLID - Pizza, as you might have guessed, was born in Naples. What you may not know is that there was a fried pizza in Naples before the baked pizza. And while Naples have made oven pizza an art form, their skill in selecting fried pizza is even greater. As with so many locals…

ISTANBUL - Nowhere is it clearer that a million million Syrians have settled in Istanbul than in the historic Fatih district. The city's Immigration Headquarters (Fatih Emniyet) is located in the neighborhood and the return road leading to it is the most transformed as Syrians and other new ...

MARSEILLE - Quick Bite: & nbsp; From the Tunisian briquette to Provençal pastisen, discover the diverse flavors, people and places that make this vibrant harbor city so irresistible during this epic food journey. Although the capital of Provence and the second largest city in France, Marseille proudly runs along its own Mediterranean sea - between the crumbs of a large city ...

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