Marseille causes license-restricted scooter to stop chaos

Marseille causes license-restricted scooter to stop chaos

The winning companies, Voi, Bird and Ciric, are each allowed to place 2,000 electric scooters on the streets of the southern port city under the strict control of local authorities.

Only those operators who had a team on the ground, the obligation to maintain public space and clear communication with city officials were considered. & Nbsp;

"I wanted good, regular contact with the operators, so it seemed to me that choosing three companies was unlike any other city that has 18," said Jean-Luc Ricca, Marseille City Council's parking and traffic advisor.

The popularity of e-scooters, known as trotinets, has increased throughout Europe in recent years. Although a convenient and environmentally friendly means of transport, they have also caused problems, including safety issues and vandalism.

One person watching the developments in Marseille with interest is Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, who announced earlier this year that she wanted to reduce the number of operators from 12 to three to end the "scooter anarchy".

In May, Paris officials asked all scooter companies to sign a voluntary code of good conduct and warned them that the next step would be to limit the number of companies.

Fredrik Hjelm, co-founder of Voi, said: "Marseille has rightly decided that the provision of e-scooters in the city should be well regulated so citizens can safely and responsibly enjoy the benefits of this new form of mobility ... cities are serious about reducing pollution and congestion and encouraging people get out of the cars, they should look closely at the Marseille model. "

The same month, a teenager riding an e-scooter in Paris was killed after she was hit by a car. His death was the last in a series of fatal accidents involving scooter accidents following similar incidents in Paris, Reims and Yvelines.

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