Marseille enters into contracts with three e-scooter operators

Marseille enters into contracts with three e-scooter operators

Marseille has become the first major European city to complete the procurement process for e-scooters and each operator can use each of the 2000 e-scooters.

Three e-scooter operators have been awarded a contract to supply e-scooters to Marseille, France's second largest city. Marseille has become the first major European city to have completed its tender for e-scooter operations by issuing licenses to operate vehicles under its control. & Nbsp;

Eight companies applied for the management of e-scooters in Marseille as part of a call for tender launched earlier this year. Successful applicants were Swedish company Voi, California-based Bird, and German Circle, who can each place 2,000 e-scooters in the city. Operators pay € 21,600 per year for operating in the city, consisting of fixed and variable fees, and contracts are renewed annually for up to three years.

In November, Mikael Söderberg, VOI technology manager, will attend the Intelligent Transport Conference (ITC). Click here to find out what he is talking about and learn more about this year's conference!

The selection criteria required operators to have a clear dialogue with the city authorities, a support team when needed, a user-friendly application, solutions for preserving public space, and a pricing model that tolerates payments to the city.

Fredrik Hjelm, co-founder and CEO of VOI Technology, said: “Marseille has rightly decided that the provision of e-scooters in the city should be tightly regulated so that citizens can safely and responsibly enjoy the benefits of this new form of mobility. By becoming the first major city in Europe to select three operators for a fixed-term contract, Marseille will set an example for other European cities to integrate micro-mobility into existing transport operations.

“If cities are serious about reducing pollution and congestion in our largest cities and encouraging people to get out of their cars, they should look closely at the Marseille model. We urge UK Transport Ministers, who are reviewing e-scooters and London transport laws, to consider this approach. E-scooter users are now frequently seen on UK roads and sidewalks, but until the law is clarified, users endanger themselves and others. "

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