May opponents in London - hoping for the hard Brexit

May opponents in London - hoping for the hard Brexit

From the point of view of the Brexit hardliners, there is still hope: they want Britain to leave the EU without a contract. This could succeed if there is no agreement on Brexit by April 12th. Prime Minister Theresa May should not do anything anymore, the no-deal advocates think.

A high ballroom in the middle of the government district. 100 predominantly older people take their seats in the rows of chairs. On the podium, two Tory MPs who will hold flaming speeches for Brexit without a deal. & Nbsp; And Barry Legg, the chairman of the Bruges Group. Since 1989, the think tank has been working for a less centralized Europe - that's what it says on its website. For almost as long, the Bruges Group is fighting for Brexit. The day after tomorrow, March 29th, it should finally happen.

But Theresa May has failed. At least she should meet the next date. "Our new Liberation Day is April 12," Barry Legg promises. "We must leave the European Union without delay," he demands.

Next to him, they have set up an official portrait of Margaret Thatcher. Confident, confident and determined, the Prime Minister of blissful memory looks into the applauding audience. Thatcher himself once spoke to the Bruges Group.

Recently, Jacob Rees-Mogg was visiting. Today, Sir Christopher Chope talks about his own party leader in rage. The other Prime Minister - Theresa May. And that comes to mind: betrayal, betrayal, duplicity, dishonesty, incompetence, and his current favorite accusation: trickery.

In anger they are united: the speakers and their audience. Their Brexit is at stake, they do not call it No-Deal-Brexit, but WTO Brexit. After all, it's about freedom. At the reception after the politician speeches there is only one topic of conversation. The guests of the Bruges Group want to have their land all to themselves again:

And in Parliament they play games. There sit the Remainers and try to stop the Brexit. That's how they see this. And hope for a short circuit. The fact that the Brexit comes automatically on April 12, if Theresa May just decided to do nothing. A head of government from whom they hold nothing at all.

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