PSG pays Nice 1 4 before facing Bruges in the Champions League, Meunier assist

PSG pays Nice 1 4 before facing Bruges in the Champions League, Meunier assist

Paris Saint-Germain, winner of Nice on the Cte ​​d'Azur 1-4 Friday at the opening of the tenth day of Ligue 1, has prepared its trip to Club Brugge on Tuesday as well as possible in the third day of the group stage of the Champions League.

Paris midfielder Angel Di Maria was the man in sight during the first period. The Argentinian was, in fact, the author of two goals in six short minutes (15th, 21st) including a subtle lob on his second achievement after having been launched in depth by the Red Devil Thomas Meunier. In the second period, Nice reduced the gap to the 67th thanks to Igniatius Ganago before being reduced to nine following the exclusions of Wylan Cyprien (74th) and Christophe Herelle in just three minutes. The Parisians then took advantage of their numerical superiority to widen the gap at the end of the game via Kylian Mbappe (88th), set up five minutes earlier, and Mauro Icardi (90 1). Paris Saint-Germain consolidates its leading position with 24 units, five more than the second Nantes.

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