Real Madrid Bruges 2 2 The ... crap of vid

Real Madrid Bruges 2 2 The ... crap of vid

In its worst start to the Champions League group stage, Real lost 0-2 to Bruges, drew 2-2, but continued to worry about their image.

We haven't seen that before. Real in the 2nd game of the groups to have only one point. And the unexpected? To say it well again. What else to think about, when in the 39th minute he was found to lose 0-2 to Bruges in the Santiago Bernabeu and manage to save at least the draw (2-2) in the final. Of the 153 teams that started with one point in the 2nd game, only 30 qualified for the next phase (19.6%).

In the 9th minute, Dennis scored a strange goal with an unlikely end. He took the parallel, found himself facing Courtois and without realizing how, he made it 0-1, which was confirmed to VAR that he was not offside. And where a reversal was expected, it was an incredible 0-2 again with Dennis in the back of the defense (39 '), with the Nigerian forward becoming the third opponent with two goals at half time in a European match in there (1991 Ratsenko, 2018 Mandzukic ).

Real were not good, but found the tie with two heads. Sergio Ramos 'first goal (55') also marked his 10th goal in the institution, where only Robert (Carlos 16, Elgera 15, Pique 14) have more as defensive scorers. The pressure increased until the final. In the 84th minute, Former was sent off and in the next minute, Kazemiro saved things a bit. At halftime, Courtois came out without any injury problems and in general the atmosphere on the pitch and on the podium was not the best possible ... Real Madrid (Zinedine Zidane): Courtois (46 'Areola), Sergio Ramos, Nacho (46' Marcelo), Carvajal, Varane, Montrich, Kroos, Kazemiro, Lucas Vacchett (67 'Vinicius), Azar, BenzemaBriz (Paul Clement): Miniole, Sobol, Mata, Delhi, Mehenle Tana', Fort Wormer, Romer Scrivers), Dennis (71 'Openda, 87' Kouls), Diatta.

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