Real saved a point from a two-goal disadvantage against Brugge

Real saved a point from a two-goal disadvantage against Brugge

Surprisingly, the Belgian team got a two-way advantage with Emmanuel Bonaventure's glans: the Nigerian tmad first stumbled into the ball, losing Thibaut Courtois , this time his legs clashed as he passed the ball over the Madrid goalkeeper.

By the second flop, Zinedine Zidane brought down the horseman and changed the defense, and Real, who played in the Risi field, equaled with two heads: first Sergio Ramos - also in a weak position - and then Casemiro was successful.

Group A: Real Madrid (Spanish) -Club Brugge (Belgium) 2-2 (0-2) Gl: S. Ramos (55th), Casemiro (86th) and Bonaventure (9th, 39th) Killtva: Vormer (84th - Bruges)

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