The first beer pipeline in the world, inaugurated in Bruges - PHOTO / VIDEO

The first beer pipeline in the world, inaugurated in Bruges - PHOTO / VIDEO

The world's first beer pipeline went into operation last week in Bruges, Belgium, and connects the Halve Maan Brewery in the historic center of Bruges with a suburb bottling plant, writes CNN.

The pipeline, which is about three kilometers long, is an alternative for trucks that carry beer daily on the narrow streets of downtown, say representatives of Halve Maan, one of the fastest-growing breweries in Belgium. The pipeline benefits the brewery so that it can remain in the current location, where it has been for over 500 years.

The pipeline is 3.2 kilometers long and reaches a depth of 34 meters at the extreme point, passes under the canals of the historical center of the city and is equipped with the latest technology that ensures the quality of beer and is equipped with a cleaning system.

The pipeline was funded, in part, by a crowdfunding fundraising campaign, which raised over € 300,000 of the four million needed, thus setting a record in Belgium.

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