The MSC writes for the Blue Charter in Marseille

The MSC writes for the Blue Charter in Marseille

On October 17, Erminio Eschena, Director of Institutional Relations and Industrial Relations at MSC Cruises France, joined other industry leaders and the Port of Marseille in signing the Blue Charter, a voluntary commitment to reduce emissions in the region. statement.

The Charter states that members undertake to take a number of measures that go beyond existing national and international regulations to reduce the environmental impact in and around the port, the MSC said in a statement.

The signing, in the presence of Captain Minas Myrtidis, MSC Cruises' Minister for the Environment and Head of Compliance, is an important step forward in terms of environmental impact.

Eschena said: "As part of our unprecedented investment plan, our fleet should expand to 25 vessels by 2027, structurally integrating sustainability into every aspect of its strategy and long-term development. We are particularly proud of this signature," which is fully in line with our cruise offer. are increasingly respectful of the environment and our welcoming population. "

The Charter calls for a number of sites, including a reduction in speed to a maximum of 10 knots at the port entrance and exit; connection of electricity to the berth during stopovers, when the shore-side electricity infrastructure has been developed; Preference for calls from LNG powered ships, where available; and 0.1 percent sulfur fuel is used for port maneuvering.

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