There is a 5 ton plastic whale tearing through a canal in Bruges

There is a 5 ton plastic whale tearing through a canal in Bruges

A huge whale built from five tons of plastic waste collected from the ocean lives in the Belgium channel as part of the 2018 Bruges Triennial. The sculpture aims to raise awareness of the huge number of plastic waste in the oceans. < / p>

The work was developed by the architecture and design firm STUDIOKCA, from New York, and aims to draw attention to the immense volume of plastic that currently swims in our oceans.

This year's Bruges Triennial has as its theme the Liquid City and the Brooklyn company literally interpreted the motto, making it clear how big our waste of waste is and how it harms liquid cities, that is, all the oceans.

We set out to collect as much trash as possible from the oceans for four months, then turning that trash on the Skyscraper into a nearly four-story whale that appears to be being pushed from one of Bruges' main canals, making an arc over the historic square of Jan Van Eyck, located in the city center, described the team.

In order to collect the waste necessary for the construction of the massive sculpture, the company joined forces with the Hawaii Wildlife Fund, which helped them clean several beaches. After four months, five tons of garbage had been collected, from sanitary caps to car bumpers.

However, this is not the first project of the STUDIOKCA team that uses plastic waste. The company had already carried out an installation in 2013, dubbed Head in the Clouds, in which they built a huge cloud-shaped pavilion from 53,780 recycled bottles.

The number of bottles used is equivalent to the amount of plastic waste that New York City produces each hour. A 2015 piece, which is in São Paulo, was created from the number of waste that Brazil produces in eight minutes.

More than 37 square meters of plastic waste has been cleaned, separated and connected to a wire mesh that covers an aluminum and steel structure. Initially built in Brooklyn, the piece was dismantled into 107 parts and then transported to Bruges for reconstruction on site.

In addition to being a wonderful work from the point of view of aesthetics and engineering, the sculpture clearly expresses the problematic volume of plastic waste that swim in our oceans.

There are about 150 million tons of plastic waste living in our oceans right now. There are now 149,999,995 tonnes that still need to be collected.

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